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I’m Robin Romain and I've been a maker of stuff my whole life.

It all started when I was a kid making clothes for my naked troll dolls. I would create wicked outfits with their fluorescent hair and all the neon-colored fabrics available at that time. All my babysitting money went towards Monkees albums and polyester.

That early love for visual expression led me to a career in graphic design and art direction. After several years, however, I realized that while this art challenged my head, my hands weren't in the least satisfied. Thank goodness love and motherhood came along and brought me to my senses.

I now live in Santa Ana, CA with my husband and teenage son. We are surrounded by a celebratory Spanish culture which has greatly influenced my love of vivid color, handmade decor and, of course, skulls. Scavenging, on the other hand, is in my ancestral blood. Which led me to a $5 box of vintage wool felt a few years ago, thereby completing my return to the craft of my childhood.

As an adult modern maker of stuff I love nostalgia, lots of color, and seeing the humor in life.

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